Using nature's gifts to make the world a more delicious place.

Kagome Milestones

A quick look at some of the key moments in our rich history.


The very beginning

Ichitaro Kanie begins cultivating tomatoes and other non-native vegetables in Japan.

Initial production

Kagome produces tomato sauce in Japan.

Changed the brand mark to KAGOME

We developed a timeless brand that we're still proud of today.

Broke ground on Kagome USA

Kagome USA is established in Los Banos, California. It is Kagome’s first wholly owned subsidiary overseas.

A new era of R&D

Kagome USA opens its own internal research and development center.

Kagome USA doubles its capacity


Acquisition of Kagome Foods, Inc.

New capabilities in portion pack, pouched sauces, compound butters, margarines and spreads.

Kagome Australia joins the Kagome family


HIT in Portugal becomes a subsidiary


Kagome USA 25th Anniversary

A quarter-century and we're just getting started.

Our History

Some companies start in a garage. Ours started in a garden.

From these small beginnings has grown a passion for food that now spans the globe.

In 1899, our founder, Ichitaro Kanie, cultivated his first tomatoes and other foreign vegetables in his family plot in Japan. A few short years later, he was producing tomato purees, ketchups and Worcestershire sauces and Kagome was born.


"Kagome" refers to our agricultural roots, coming from the name of a bamboo lattice pattern used in everyday containers and baskets in old Japan.

Nowadays, we produce a colorful variety of fruit and vegetable products such as sauces, drinks, ready-to-eat meals and probiotics. But we've never strayed from our founder's principles of making great tasting foods that are true to nature.


“To us, quality has always come before profit. We love our work.”

In 1989, we set up shop in Los Banos, California, the tomato capital of the world. We began developing customized tomato sauces for global restaurant brands in the U.S. This foundation quickly allowed us to offer more. Thanks to a continuing collaboration with customers, you can now find our products across North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

A Word from Our Happy Customers & Partners

We love the companies we get to work with. Thankfully, the feeling is mutual.

“Kagome stretches our imagination on how far we can go on flavors and menu concepts.”

Joy Cabardo

Product Dev. Food Technologist at Panda Restaurant Group

“Kagome provides an excellent vision on foodservice culinary innovation, as well as a tremendous passion to provide excellent customer service to their partners.”

Rebdy Soto

Senior Purchasing Analyst at IPC

“Kagome is a company we have developed a long-term, trusting relationship with and have collaborated to create innovative product and service solutions for our mutual customers.”

Mike Helbig

National Sales Mgr. at Newly Weds Foods

“Kagome makes collaboration and innovation feel easy. The company’s commitment to partnership and mutual success is unlike any I have seen in the industry.”

Ed Feece

Manager, Key Accounts at Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings

“We continue to look to Kagome for fresh thinking in sauces and food trends. What we love most about Kagome is the team’s agility in responding to sample requests and their approach to problem solving.”

Monika Reitmeyer

Leprino Foods, Singapore